I have been researching foreskin restoration for over seven years and have developed a non-surgical foreskin restoration program which I believe is safer, more comfortable and able to achieve better results than anything else I have studied. I used the program to restore my own foreskin from a CI-2 to a CI-5 (CI is Coverage Index) in 30 weeks.

[Foreskin restoration refers to the process of placing the skin on the shaft of the penis and any remaining foreskin under gentle tension which stimulates new skin growth. This process can be used to grow new skin which looks similar to, and has many of the functions of, an uncut foreskin. It must be remembered that once the foreskin has been removed by circumcision, recreating an identical one is impossible.]

I received a medial circumcision shortly after I was born. The doctor attending my birth recommended circumcision to my parents as he thought I had a tight looking foreskin which could have been a problem in later life. I am disappointed to this day that my parents were not informed that circumcision is the most extreme of the treatments available to prevent conditions which may or may not arise from the shape of one's foreskin.

I'm thankful my scalpel-happy Doctor didn't recommend removing my tonsils and appendix as well, just in case they might cause problems later in life too...

Through my work as a researcher I stumbled upon information about foreskin restoration techniques and was intrigued by the possibility of restoring myself. I learned that many men had successfully restored their foreskins and that they reported incredible improvements in their sex lives. Not only that but their partners too enjoyed better sex as a result.

I spent three years in my spare time researching the different techniques used and the scientific and medical basis behind them. I was not confident to proceed with any program on himself until I had a full working knowledge of the principles involved, the safety and risk factors, the practicality of the techniques and a belief that my hard work was going to get results. I devised my program and went through with it.

The results easily surpassed my expectations as I am by nature very cautious and at times sceptical. I now have no reservations about the success, benefits and safety of the foreskin restoration program I undertook.

But I can't recommend that others do the same as everyone is different and everyone reacts differently. What was safe, comfortable and effective for me may not be for someone else. I do not take responsibility for the actions of others, and warn that serious injury to the penis and/or foreskin could result from undertaking a foreskin restoration.

I am however delighted to share my experience and success with people interested in foreskin restoration and would be very interested to hear of the results of others who have restored using their own programs.


My foreskin restoration program draws on the experience of a number of men who have tried different programs and practises. I has gathered together the best aspects of what they experienced and developed a full and comprehensive program which maximises comfort, minimises time and has safety as its centrepoint.

My program relies on the principle of growing skin by gently stretching it. There is a great deal known to medical science about skin stretching as it is used every day on thousands of skin graft patients around the world. The extra skin they require to cover a burn or injury is grown right there on their own bodies by gently stretching it.

My foreskin restoration program grows the foreskin by stretching the existing skin on the shaft of the penis and what remains of the foreskin to regain coverage of the glans (head of the penis). It's a simple, gentle and safe practise which gets great results. It sure beats the expense and pain of a surgical foreskin restoration.


There are two aspects to my program - restoring and retaining. Restoring uses a device called a Restorer to gently and painlessly encourage new skin growth, and is used for extended periods of time throughout the day or night (or both).

The Retainer is used whenever the Restorer is not being worn. It retains the new growth and helps create the right environment for the skin on the glans to start regaining much of the soft sensuous texture common to uncut men. Once the desired amount of foreskin has been grown neither the Restorer nor the Retainer are required again.


The Restorer and associated equipment is discrete and I wore them under my clothes. The largest part is the Restorer itself which attaches to the foreskin and, when in position, sits in front of the hip bone (the actual position varies on different men depending on their penis length and body shape).

The Restorer is being modelled here using the waist tension band, which can neatly be hidden under a pair of Y-fronts or boxers. For comfort reasons some men wear the waist tension band on top of their underwear, while others prefer to use the shoulder tension band.

The shoulder band extends from one shoulder , across the back and around the hip, and is worn under a shirt or tee-shirt.

My choice of tension band depended on what I was wearing that day or the time of day I was Restoring. For example, I always used the shoulder band when sleeping and always used the waist band when wearing very light tee-shirts or tank tops.

To avoid my Retainer and penis sticking to my skin I often wore it on the outside of my underwear. It's always a good idea to use a glide sock (not shown) to help prevent Retainer stick.

The beauty of my program is its convenience and discretion. I could restore at home, at work, while shopping, in my sleep - even while undertaking light exercise, and no one could tell.

The only thing I had to avoid was tight fitting trousers. That was for two reasons, firstly, tight clothes prevent the equipment and my penis from maintaining the best position and constant tension during restoration. The tightness effectively fixes the Restorer and penis in one position and prevents them from moving back and forth when I move around, sit, stand or whatever.

Secondly, the Restorer creates a slight bulge (see photos above and below) near my hip which remains unnoticed in normal and lose fitting trousers or shorts. I know that some men with large diameter penises need larger sized Restorers and they create more bulge and are harder to hide.

Also men with much longer penises find the bulge of their Restorer is right on top of their hip bone and is more obvious there than for a man with a shorter penis where his bulge is lower down and in front of him. The angle the penis during Restoration is different between the waist and shoulder bands. Again longer penises can mean that with the shoulder band their Restorer is at their belt line or even above it. For these men Restoring during the day time can be a problem.

The Restorer and waist tension band, being worn under a pair of Levis™ is virtually unnoticeable.


The Restorer and waist tension band being worn under a pair of workout shorts, again virtually unnoticeable..

One of the keys to the success of my system is that the Restorer doesn't have to be removed to go to the bathroom. I can wear it uninterrupted all day periods. This markedly improves the amount of skin stretching and growth which I could achieve each day.

Once every hour I give it a 2 minute "rest" by going to the bathroom and releasing the tension. I give the skin a light massage with my fingertips to ensure there's good blood circulation before retensioning the Restorer. When wearing it in bed I use lighter tension than during the day which reduces the chance of poor blood circulation and ensured I got a comfortable night's sleep.

I never wear the restorer for more than 24 hours without removing it to shower, thoroughly clean the equipment and fully rest the foreskin.


My top priority in developing the program was for it to be totally safe. I certainly wasn't going to do anything that would injure or harm my penis in any way! I'm pretty attached to the little guy and there's no way on earth I'm going to do anything to harm him.

One of the greatest dangers in this process is cutting off the blood supply to the foreskin, which could occur if the Restorer is taped too tightly or a Retainer that's too small is being worn. I have discussed this at length on the "Dangers and First Aid" page.


I knew that if foreskin Restoration was uncomfortable I wasn't going to go through with it. The process takes a few months and there's no way I could be bothered if it meant hours of discomfort every day.

But there was some minor discomfort at the start as my body got used to the equipment and the program. It reminded me of when I first got contact lenses. I knew from all of my contact-wearing friends that they were very comfortable and convenient once you got used to them - they were right. After a week or so I forgot they were in my eyes as I became used to them.

The Restorer doesn't look particularly comfortable and when I show people photos of it (or the real thing) they cringe. But it's very comfortable and once I was used to it, I'd forget I was wearing it.

One day I was about to take a shower at my gym. I had stripped off to my Y-fronts and was about to take them off too when I remembered I had the Restorer on! Imagine the surprise of other guys in the locker room if I had completely forgotten and striped off naked. But that shows how much a normal part of my life the Restorer had become and how I found it so comfortable that I forgot I was even wearing it.

If ever I experienced any pain that means something is wrong and the equipment must be removed immediately. Pain is the body's warning that something is wrong. My foreskin restoration experience was painless apart from a couple of times at the start when I inadvertently taped too tightly. I immediately removed the Restorer, massaged and rested the skin before reapplying it with the correct tape tension. See "Dangers and First Aid" for what I would do in this situation.


The third priority when developing my program was to get results. Foreskin restoration is a slow process. I really wanted to get my foreskin back as soon as possible and didn't want to spend one hour more than I had to. I wanted the fastest safe way possible to restore a functioning and natural looking foreskin.

I started restoring my foreskin in November 2000. The results in this photo show the gains I made in just 7 months. I used the Restorer for an average of 42 hours per week and used the Retainer when not restoring. It's worth noting that some men take up to 3 years to restore their foreskins using other methods and techniques.

At the completion of my program it was not necessary to use any of the equipment again as my results are permanent.

I love being CI-5 so much that I'm considering increasing to CI-8. I'll keep you posted...


The experience of foreskin restoration discussed on this website is that of Paul Sherriff. Paul does not hold medical qualifications and nothing on this website should be taken as medical advice. He is willing to share his experience however if you decide to restore your own foreskin based on his experience, or using the same equipment he used, you do so at your own risk.