The main function of the Retainer is to protect the glans (head of the penis) and allow its skin texture to start returning to how nature intended - soft and sensuous.

It does this by holding the newly developing foreskin forward, and is used whenever the Restorer is not being worn. This means that you can be engaged in the process of restoring your penile skin 24/7 (apart from the time spent showering, resting the skin or lovemaking...).

The Retainer is very small and easy to use. You can wear it swimming, exercising, sleeping, and wherever else with no difficulty. It must however be removed to go to the bathroom.

At the completion of the restoration, and the target CI has been reached, the Retainer is no longer needed.


Step 1
[Model: Paul, Restoring, CI-4 at time of photo]


Gently pull the newly developing foreskin up as far as it will go.

This is kind of like pulling up your socks. It is easier to use two hands unlike the example in the photo where only one hand was used to make it easier for you to see.

Step 2

Place the Retainer over the foreskin. Gently pull the foreskin through as far as possible.

Work your way around using one hand to pull it through and the other hand (not shown) to hold it in place.

Step 3

Once all of the foreskin is through pull it up evenly.

Use one hand to pull the foreskin up and the other (not shown) to make sure the Retainer is sitting evenly. Take care to pull the inner foreskin up as well, so that both the inner and outer foreskins are even.

Step 4

Check that it is even.

If it is not on evenly there is more chance of its coming off.




My # 1 rule: Never wear a Retainer which is too tight

Retainers are available in a range of sizes, and I never wore one which was too tight for me.

Many men find that when they start using the Retainer it comes off easily as they do not have enough foreskin for it to remain in place easily. Out of frustration they make the mistake of using a smaller sized one in order to keep it in place. There is a severe risk of cutting off the blood circulation to the foreskin if the Retainer is too tight. This could cause a great deal of harm to the skin and and eventually the penis in severe cases.

Patience is a virtue - as the foreskin is restored it grows longer, allowing the Retainer to stay in place more easily. Advanced restorers find their Retainer stays on without any difficulty whatsoever, and eventually their new foreskin no longer needs the assistance of the Retainer to stay down.

Warning signs

My safety check list. I never experienced any problems because I was extremely safety conscious. The warning signs I always looked out for were:

  • Aches or pains in the foreskin
  • Dark colouration (deep red or blue) of the foreskin
  • Numbness or loss of feeling
  • Tingling feeling
  • Unduly cold feeling foreskin

My action plan was:

1. Remove the Retainer immediately and discard it

2. Massage the foreskin until it returns to normal. If it fails to return to normal within 1 hour seek medical attention.

3. Obtain a larger sized Retainer for future use and be patient if it comes off more easily.

I found that when starting out my skin took some time to get used to the Retainer. Each day I would wear it longer and longer until I was fully used to it. I was particularly careful during this period to determine whether any minor discomfort in the foreskin was just part of getting used to the equipment or was a sign that something was wrong. Nothing ever was, but I did experience some discomfort at the start which I put down to my body's getting used to my Retainer.

I'm one of those people who often has cold ears, nose and hands. So my extremities often feel colder then the rest of my body. The tip of my foreskin is no different and often feels colder than the rest of my body - even when I wasn't wearing my Retainer. So occasionally I would have a "false alarm" when checking my foreskin for warning signs.




Early Stages

When I first started and my foreskin was a CI-2 I found the Retainer difficult to use. This was due to the very limited amount of free foreskin I had. It came off very easily at the start, but after a few weeks it will become possible to wear it effectively without so many problems.


By the intermediate stage I had enough foreskin available to easily and quickly fit the Retainer and have it remain in place. To make it easier I found that my foreskin should be completely dry and free of any moisturisers or lotions. My penis also had to be completely soft as even the slightest amount of erection made fitting the Retainer almost impossible.

At first I thought my penis looked funny wearing the Retainer - pulling the skin over the end made him look very stumpy! This is because the tension of the skin pulls the penis back into the body cavity. As the skin grows it allows more room for the penis inside and the stumpy look gives way to a more natural look.



The skin on my glans (head) started to change as soon as I was able to effectively wear my Retainer. For a fuller discussion on the reasons for the change in glans skin texture please read "glans texture" on the "Penile Skin" page.


By the advanced stage my Retainer could be fitted with ease and almost never came off, even when I was erect. The skin on my glans changed noticeably, becoming softer and more sensuous. The levels of sexual pleasure started to increase amazingly and the feeling of the new foreskin moving back and forth over the sulcus during intercourse was truly fantastic.

With the increased sensitivity during sex also comes sensitivity to abrasion. Eventually it became uncomfortable to towel dry my glans like I had all of my life. Towels and underwear started to feel uncomfortable against my glans and my penis didn't feel right unless my foreskin was down.

The experience of foreskin restoration discussed on this website is that of Paul Sherriff. Paul does not hold medical qualifications and nothing on this website should be taken as medical advice. He is willing to share his experience however he strongly recommends that you do not attempt this yourself. If you decide to restore your own foreskin based on his experience, or using the same equipment he used, you do so at your own risk.

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